Alcohol abuse

Correction Officers (CO’s) abuse alcohol at high rates. CO’s self-medicate with alcohol to cope with their high stress job. CO’s are normally in role where they enforce the rules, and give direction, asking for help is not a common territory for officers.  It is difficult for CO’s to ask for help, they are used to being … Continue reading Alcohol abuse

Poor Physical Health

Correctional officers are highly susceptible to poor physical health. Officers work long hours and much of the work is sedentary, the work week can be long and there is little time for physical fitness. The long week and long hours lead to little sleep constantly which contributes to poor health.  Officers are caught in a work … Continue reading Poor Physical Health


            Correcting the divorce. The nature of work for corrections officers (CO’s) leads to a high divorce rate.  The job of corrections officers is to monitor inmates, this requires 24/7 observation. This means that most officers don’t work the typical Monday – Friday 9-5 schedule. The common work schedules are 12 hour shifts and are usually odd hours, … Continue reading Divorce

Dying to work

As of 2019 the life expectancy of male in the United states is approximately 79 years of age. For Correction Officers (CO’s) that number is cut back drastically to 58. According to the Houston Chronicle one of Texas’ largest news organization also known as Chron, states that some of the major reasons for this low life … Continue reading Dying to work

Your worst enemy, could be you

            The number one killer of a law enforcement Officer, is him or herself.  In 2016, 2017 and 2018 there were more deaths by suicide than in the line of duty for first responders. According to policeone.com  There is a stigma associated when asking for help and Officers do not ask for fear that there will be a … Continue reading Your worst enemy, could be you